The Wildlife Gallery is proud to offer you the best skinning service in the nation.

We are a proven leader in the taxidermy leather field and know how your skins should be handled. Not only will your skins be processed by trained professionals, they will also be completed in a timely manner. That means you spend your time more wisely, put more mounts out the door, and make more money.

The Wildlife Gallery
Wholesale Skinning
737 Jackson Rd.
Blanchard, MI. 49310

phone: 989-561-5369
fax: 989-561-2233

The Wildlife Gallery
Wholesale Skinning
247 Thrill Hill Dr.
Mountain Home, TX. 78058

phone: 830-864-4422
fax: 830-864-4430

Please DO NOT use the U.S. Postal Service when shipping frozen skins to The Wildlife Gallery Wholesale Skinning Service. Please use one of the following shippers: UPS, DHL, or FedEx. Thank you.

For frozen items shipped to The Wildlife Gallery Wholesale Skinning, all payments and written correspondence should be sent to our main office: 737 Jackson Rd. Blanchard, MI 49310. We thank you for your patronage as we continue to grow. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (989) 561-5369.

• Your time should be spent putting mounts out the doors, not preparing skins for the tannery.
• We have the knowledge, experience, and facilities to do the best job possible.
• You hate skinning!
• Convenience!

The same principles and training that has made The Wildlife Gallery, Inc. many taxidermists' choice for tanning will also make our Wholesale Skinning Service your choice for skinning.


  • Skinning prices based on animals being off carcass.

  • Extra charge for mammals on carcass, $25.

  • All fine fur skull removal is $12.50

  • Make checks or money orders payable to The Wildlife Gallery Inc. Wholesale Skinning.

  • Tanning automatically done by The Wildlife Gallery, Inc. NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Your customer's number should accompany the skins. We will punch that number in the hide unless directed otherwise.

  • Any miscellaneous instructions (i.e. saving skulls) should be noted on packing list.

  • $20 handling fee on skins deemed unskinnable or untannable (spoiled).

  • $35 per hour for extra handling (i.e. excessive manure)

  • All skinning done at owner's risk.