Our Tanning Facilities

In 1994, Brad Eldred started The Wildlife Gallery, Inc. in a converted hip-roof barn at his residence. Today, The Wildlife Gallery, Inc. and The Wildlife Gallery Wholesale Skinning Service, Inc. operate out of over 58,000 square feet of modern facilities. Our newest additions are our 24,000 square foot warehouse facility in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and our skinning facility/distribution center in Mountain Home, Texas.

Mt. Pleasant MI. Facility

Leslie MI. Facility

These facilities provide us with the ability to serve your tanning needs with greater efficiency for many years to come. Investment in our facilities, as well as in our employees, ensures that we will continue to be the tannery of choice for taxidermists nationwide.

In 2007 Modern Fur Dressing became a company of The Wildlife Gallery Inc. Today, we have a top notch staff and state of the art facilities. Our Leslie location is equipped to handle all your fur dressing needs.