Skin-N-Tan is a service that The Wildlife Gallery has developed to offer a combination of both skinning and wet tan at a discounted rate.

Our Skin-N-Tan service is only offered through our Texas location at this time.

Wet tans are very popular with many taxidermists. The wet tan is not run through the drying and stretching process. This saves some of the epidermal loss, whisker damage, or unseen scar damage that can occur in the drying and cleaning process. The wet tan also saves a taxidermist the re-hydrating process necessary on dry tanned skins. The wet tans will
however occupy a lot of freezer space. Wet tanning is not recommended for animals such as bear, bison, or many of the fur bearers and wooly animals, as they are cleaned and groomed throughout the drying process.

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Please send your skins fresh or frozen. Then your skins will be shipped back to you frozen. Simply thaw, wash in a mild detergent (optional), rinse, and mount. No re-hydration is nessecary!

Please request a price book for information about what species are accepted into the Skin-N-Tan service and pricing details.

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