Our Team

BRAD ELDRED - President
I have been working in the fur dressing and taxidermy business since 1983. Being a taxidermist and avid hunter myself, I understand what every taxidermist wants and needs in a properly tanned skin. My emphasis is always on quality and customer service. My team members listed below are the very best in their fields. I am confident in our ability as a team to provide every taxidermist with the highest quality products and services in the taxidermy industry today.

JERRED PETERSON - Senior Vice President
Jerred is in charge of the overall management of the tanneries. Jerred’s work ethic and commitment to quality has been the key to maintaining our position as the industry leader in fur dressing.

NATE WALTERS - Chief Financial Officer
After many years in the banking industry, Nate has been instrumental in making our company financially strong. He is responsible for the overall financial direction of the company, while also concentrating on new business development.

Customer Service Team

DAVE PETERS - Customer Service Manager
With over 20 years of experience in the fur dressing industry Dave has the knowledge and expertise to provide our customers with excellent service and answer any tanning questions that may arise. Dave leads our customer service and sales team at the tanneries. Be sure to stop by and say hello at one of the many trade shows he attends for The Wildlife Gallery.

BRIAN NORDLAND - Customer Service Representative - Southwest Region
Brian’s experience in the tanning industry makes him a valuable asset to our customer service team. Brian helped make our Texas facility one of the premier tanneries in the South. Brian has relocated to the Michigan facility, but will continue providing excellent customer service to the southwest customers. He will be coordinating the depot and trucking schedule for the southwest.

SCOTT PHILLIPSON - Customer Service Representative - Northwest Region
With years of managing our receiving department, Scott’s ability to multi-task is a valuable asset to our customer service team. Scott is now on the front line working with our Northwest customers. He is in charge of our Ogden, Utah receiving depot and coordinates the trucking route.

JAMIE ZUKE - Customer Service Representative
Jamie is an incredible asset to the tanneries’ customer service team. When you call the tannery, Jamie will most likely take your call. Her knowledge of our systems and customer service are second to none. Jamie works out of our Alum facility in Leslie, Michigan.

YISHANA NOWAK - Customer Service Representative/Shipping Coordinator - Leslie, Michigan
Yishana runs our shipping department and works in Customer Service out of our Alum facility. Yishana’s attention to detail and ability to multi-task is a huge asset to The Wildlife Gallery team.

Production & Department Managers

JASON OLGER - General Manager - Tannery, Mt. Pleasant MI
Jason is the general manager of our tannery production facilities. He has been in the tanning industry since 1999. His knowledge of the tanning process and systems is a huge asset to the company.

BEN ZUKE - Production Manager - Tannery, Leslie, MI
Ben is the Production Manager in Leslie Michigan. As our Alum facility continues to expand and grow, Ben has done a great job keeping up with the increased work load while still improving quality.


ELI ELDRED - Fleshing Department Manager - Mt. Pleasant, MI
In charge of the tanning room and the fleshing department, Eli’s role is critical to the outcome of the overall product. This is no easy task considering the volume of skins processed through the tannery each year. With Eli’s dedication to quality control, you can rest assured your orders will be in good hands.

NICK KANNAWIN - Fleshing Department Manager - Leslie, MI
Being responsible for the quality of each skin that flows through the shop, Nick works diligently with the fleshers to ensure best techniques are used and safety is first. Detail oriented, and a hunter himself, great care is taken with every skin. Nick comes to The Wildlife Gallery with military background, giving him superior organization, structure, and team work mentality. You can rest easy, knowing your skins are being taken care of.

JAKE BAHLKE - Finish Department Manager - Mt. Pleasant, MI
Jake manages the finish department in Mt. Pleasant. Once the hides are tanned, his crew is responsible for the overall look and feel of the final product. They dry, stretch, buff, and groom all the tanned skins. This job requires a great eye for detail, a characteristic that both Jake and his crew possess.

Shipping & Receiving

TIM BENTLEY - Shipping Department Manager
Tim has been with the company since 2000. Whether it be freight or UPS/FedEx shipments Tim's great understanding of logistics insures that we receive the best shipping rates for our clients. 

JAKE FABER - Receiving Department Manager - Mt. Pleasant
Jake handles all North American shipments coming into the tannery. He is in charge of entering all orders into our computer system as well as making sure hides get punched, and put in the proper storage box by species. It takes great organizational skills to deal with the volume of skins coming in daily and Jake excels at it.

TERRY TRIBE - Receiving Coordinator - (North American Shipments)
Terry is in charge of all international shipments recieved to our Mt. Pleasant location. He is in charge of making sure all orders are processed quickly and correctly. During our busy season, Terry and his crew check in and confirm over 1,000 skins per day.

TYE SUNDERLIN - Shipping & Receiving Dept. Manager - Leslie, MI
Tye keeps our shipping and receiving departments in Leslie running like clockwork, while also overseeing the finish department. His willingness to help wherever needed is a huge bonus to the company and our clients.


LANCE BLANZY - Skinning Manager
Lance has been with the company since 2006. His attention to detail, commitment to quality, and knowledge of species anatomy has made him one of the best skinners in the industry.

Texas Facility

JOHN BARDAVILLE - Production Manager - Texas
John has been with The Wildlife Gallery since 2003. He started as a shaver in Michigan, and is currently running the Skin-N-Tan facility in Texas. Having worked in tannery operations for over 10 years, John has acquired the experience and knowledge to produce a superior product.

Support Staff

SHEILA PERKINS - Administrative Assistant
Sheila handles the routing of all our phone calls and mail, as well as much of our daily office tasks.

EYLIE FOSTER - Business Manager
Armed with her Bachelors Degree in Business Management, Eylie is responsible for managing our daily business operations.

TRACEY WARCHUCK - Administrative Assistant
Tracey is in charge of accounts receivable for both the tannery and taxidermy studio.

GREG TRAVISS - Director of Marketing
Greg creates and directs all of our marketing media and advertising materials. He has over 20 years of media production experience and does an excellent job keeping our marketing efforts on the cutting edge.

SARA SIMONS - Director of Human Resources
Sara handles our recruiting and new hire on boarding. She also administrates employee benefits and payroll.